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Membership & Fees

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Level – B

(£10K – 25K)

£42.00 + VAT   Annually


Level – C

(£25K – £50K)

£60.00 + VAT   Annually


Level – D

(£50K – £150K)

£120.00 + VAT Annually


Level – E

(£150K – £500K)

£180.00 + VAT Annually


Level – F


£240.00 + VAT Annually



  • FREE Downloads- members access to the AFVS Library to download a range of Briefings, Policies & Templates.
  • FREE Fundraising Helpline – we offer a FREE funding review, with the option for ongoing fundraising mentoring or consultation if required.
  • FREE Mailing Lists are sent out each month via Mailchimp.  The Charity Newsletter keeps you in touch with changes in the charity sector and updates about AFVS.  The GDPR Briefing keeps you up to date with any changes to Data Protection legislation, includes useful information and how we can best help you.
  • FREE Legal Advice – we work with a charity lawyer and offer our members access to a FREE 30-minute consultation, please ask for more details.
  • FREE Trustees & Administrators Toolkit which has been developed as an extensive aid for trustees, leaders, and administrators, and is available for download via the AFVS Library.
  • Consultancy – we provide advice and support on a range of issues; where specialist help is needed, we draw in other partners and at times this may be chargeable.
  • GDPR Compliancy Pack is an additional chargeable service that offers you a complete pack and peace of mind to help you become GDPR compliant.
  • GDPR Refresher Training – is aimed at providing trustees with an overview and advice on how to ensure that your charity is GDPR compliant.  Some of the areas that we will cover are: What is GDPR and how to become GDPR compliant?  What is a personal Data Breach and how should we report this?  What are SARs and the consequences of not complying with GDPR?
  • Policy Review Service assesses your current policies, bringing them up to date and compliant, and is offered at a reduced rate for our members.
  • Staff Handbook is a paid for service that is discounted to our members and is updated annually.
  • Trustee Training – we are available to come up for an evening or day to take trustees through their legal accountabilities and answer any questions. We focus on issues relevant to your organisation. We also have access to training bursaries that help to reduce the cost of the session for our members.  

In addition you will also have access to the following services at reduced rates for our members:

  • Accounts Preparation and Independent Examinations: We work very closely with our sister organisation https://iel.org.uk  to provide you with all the services that your charity may need, from charity accounts and Independent Examinations to ongoing support and advice. Please email us if you require more information or a quote for your accounts to be prepared – support@afvs.org.uk
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting: Our parent company, Caritas Management Group (CMGL) can provide you with all the services that your charity may need from bookkeeping to financial reporting.
  • Charity & CIC Registration & Charity Incorporation – We are pleased to offer to our services portfolio access to New Charity & CIC Registration, that is available upon request for a quote.  We can also advise those charities considering incorporation either to the CIO or Company Structure.
  • Gift Aid Claims – Are you claiming Gift Aid? If not, then would you like our help? We can also offer Gift Aid Registration too if required.
  • Small Charities Accounts Division – this is a new service that is available for the smaller charities that have an annual income of under £25k, and do not require an IE.  Please email us if you require more information or a quote for your accounts to be prepared – support@afvs.org.uk


“Daryl certainly knows his stuff. He is immersed in the charity world and knows all the angles. He is also a very impressive speaker. He did not follow the timetable for the day, but rather followed the thoughts and questions of the attendees. This was fine for me, but probably less so for the potential and very new Trustees. I found the whole day both interesting and beneficial.”

David Wood, Arundel & Downland Community Leisure Trust

“Daryl Martin’s wealth of experience was truly impressive. He had an example of good and bad practice to back up everything he said.”

Joe Smith, Nuevas Esperanzas

“I recently attended an AFVS Trustee Development Workshop lead by Daryl Martin. As Tubakunde Trust and therefore my role as a Trustee are both very new, I had a lot to learn. I really benefited from Daryl’s wise counsel on the day. Although the topic might be considered as heavy, Daryl’s relaxed presentation with many examples made the event an enjoyable learning experience. I came away understanding my role in a much clearer way. The end result – Highly Commended.”

Malcolm Claridge, Tubakunde Trust

“Daryl’s wealth of real-life stories, some shocking, and others humorous provided an abundance of practical teaching and answered many of the questions we had. This made it easier to absorb potentially ‘Boring’ detail as well as giving some sobering thoughts and ideas for things we need to take action on. A very worthwhile day & money well spent. The Take home manual is also an invaluable and comprehensive resource for future reference and should be required reading for all trustees.”

Bob Mullins, The Lighthouse Church, New Malden

“I found the day very worthwhile, it gave a good overview of the roles and responsibilities of trustees and I came away much better”

Chris Hawker, Chichester Baptist Church

“The day was stimulating and helpful. The information given alerted me to several issues, especially concerning interactions with the Charity Commission, where our charity needs to make some changes to reflect current requirements as things have changed considerably since our charity was established 12 years ago. And the written information we took away will be a valuable resource in the future.”

David Powlson, New Life Home Trust

“Very worthwhile day gaining insights into the tasks and risks that trustees need to be prepared for and to enjoy using their experience to tackle.”

Mike Tyler, Aid for Trade