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Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act – April 2013
Music Licences – Changes in Fee Structure – Sept 2013 (2)
PSC Register – April 2016
Policies that are Needed by the Board of a Charity – Oct 2015
Fundraising Regulator Code of Practice – March 2017 (1)
Appointing a New Trustee Induction Process – Aug 2017
Data Protection Policy – April 2017 (1)
Trading for Charities Made Simple – April 2017 (1)
Chancel Repair Liability – Oct 2013
Charity Trustee Training Agenda (1)
Charity Structures Compared – Feb 2017
Financial Controls Policy – Nov 2016
Fit and Proper Persons Helpsheet & Declaration – April 2017
Handling Dismissals – April 2017

“We at east to west took up the opportunity presented by AVFS to meet with a fundraising expert to review our fundraising/income strategy. The time we had with Inglis Wightman was an enormous help in looking at the spread of different activities and opportunities that we are engaged in and could be available to us. We came away encouraged that we were doing some things well and equipped to pick up the opportunities that could lay ahead for us. Thank you so much Daryl and Becky for giving us the chance to make a significate step forward!” Ant Horton, CEO


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