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A New Name for a New Season:

Advice For the Voluntary Sector has been operating for many years, providing trusted advice to the church and charity sector. This year has been an extraordinary one for us, along with our many friends and clients. As the year comes to an end, we are delighted to announce another significant change; a change of name.

We remain the same company and continue to operate as a Community Interest Company, with the same team, banking details and so on but, from this point on, we will be known by the simpler name, Trust Advice.

We feel this nicely describes our core, at the heart of what we hope to be is to provide trusted advice, to the charity sector, through our advice helplines, our policy library, our newsletters and so on.

For a period of time we will have some crossover so please don’t be concerned about email and web contacts, you will still be able to get through.

Keeping you Informed

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Our Mission is to keep churches and charities safe and compliant. We offer high-quality, low-cost support and advice to our members across the UK, including Scotland, Ireland and Wales.


Our Vision is to build a membership network, with a continual emphasis on improving and developing our services, responding to the needs of our members and the changes in law and regulations.


We stand or fall on our reputation. We offer services that are tailored to your specific needs and if we don’t deliver what we agreed on, we expect this to be reflected in what you pay us.

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“Daryl certainly knows his stuff. He is immersed in the charity world and knows all the angles. He is also a very impressive speaker. He did not follow the timetable for the day, but rather followed the thoughts and questions of the attendees. This was fine for me, but probably less so for the potential and very new Trustees. I found the whole day both interesting and beneficial.”

David Wood, Arundel & Downland Community Leisure Trust

“Daryl Martin’s wealth of experience was truly impressive. He had an example of good and bad practice to back up everything he said.”

Joe Smith, Nuevas Esperanzas

“I recently attended an AFVS Trustee Development Workshop lead by Daryl Martin. As Tubakunde Trust and therefore my role as a Trustee are both very new, I had a lot to learn. I really benefited from Daryl’s wise counsel on the day. Although the topic might be considered as heavy, Daryl’s relaxed presentation with many examples made the event an enjoyable learning experience. I came away understanding my role in a much clearer way. The end result – Highly Commended.”

Malcolm Claridge, Tubakunde Trust

“Daryl’s wealth of real-life stories, some shocking, and others humorous provided an abundance of practical teaching and answered many of the questions we had. This made it easier to absorb potentially ‘Boring’ detail as well as giving some sobering thoughts and ideas for things we need to take action on. A very worthwhile day & money well spent. The Take home manual is also an invaluable and comprehensive resource for future reference and should be required reading for all trustees.”

Bob Mullins, The Lighthouse Church, New Malden

“I found the day very worthwhile, it gave a good overview of the roles and responsibilities of trustees and I came away much better”

Chris Hawker, Chichester Baptist Church

“The day was stimulating and helpful. The information given alerted me to several issues, especially concerning interactions with the Charity Commission, where our charity needs to make some changes to reflect current requirements as things have changed considerably since our charity was established 12 years ago. And the written information we took away will be a valuable resource in the future.”

David Powlson, New Life Home Trust

“Very worthwhile day gaining insights into the tasks and risks that trustees need to be prepared for and to enjoy using their experience to tackle.”

Mike Tyler, Aid for Trade